Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dedication of Nikandre or my view of an ancient kore

The dedication of Nikandre kore statue has inspired me to make this pencil drawing. The statue was a represantation of the goddess Artemis

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The poets Corinna Erinna and Sappho coffee painting

The poets Corinna Erinna and Sappho coffee painting


Sappho was the best known female poet in the ancient Greece but not the only one.
By that time there was a culture of the feminine poetry and art and young women and girls were organized in groups  ruled by poets like Sappho were they were writing poems, they were singing in chorus, they were dancing.
Corinna from Tanagra, Boetia was a poet too. She wrote epic poems about the daughters of Minyas, Oedip and Orion and an invocation to  Therpsichore, the muse of dance and chorus. Like Sappho did, Corinna has ruled a group of young maidens.
Corinna has inspired the poet Ovid too and I'm proud to bear her name. The name Corina has her story behind it.
Erinna was one of Sappho's followers.
She has written Distaff, a poem about her childhood friend Baucis who has died shortly after the wedding. Was marriage something unwanted  for Baucis? Erinna died shortly after she has written the poem. She was just 19.
This is my coffee painting of Corinna, Erinna and Sappho.

Green alien woman painted by a 14 years old girl

A 14 years old girl has painted this alien woman with green skin and reptilian eyes. She liked to paint aliens and spacescapes. It was the summer of 2001.
This 14 years olg girl was me.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A painting I've made before the september 11 attacks

 I've made this painting on september 11 2001, just before the attack. I was just 15. By that time I felt like drawing and painting skyscrapers all the time and the twin towers were in almost all of my drawings, as you see in the detail below