Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The legend of Leo

This is my oil on canvas painting of leo, the nemean lion, being killed by Hercules.

The legend of Cancer

This is my painting of the crab created by Hera to disturb Hercules while he was fighting hydra

The legend of Gemini - Castor and Pollux

These are the twins Castor and Pollux and Zeus as a swan. This swan and Leda were their parents This is the ancient Greek legend of gemini

The legend of Taurus - Zeus and Europa

In the Greek mythology the Taurus in Zeus turned into a bull to seduce the princess Europa. This is my oil on canvas painting of Zeus and Europa

The legend of Aries, the golden ram

Aries, oil on canvas painting
In the greek mythology aries was the golden ram that carried the twins Phrixus and Helle to Colchis

Monday, December 29, 2014

A pencil drawing about a moment of love

I wish I was next to her, laying my head on her shoulder, holding her in my arms, hearing her wispers of love, feeling her hot breath and her kisses. I've made this pencil drawing thinking about the love I cannot have

Monday, December 15, 2014

How many drawings and paintings do I have?

There are 4295 files in the folder where I saved my scanned of photographed drawings and paintings. My house is full of paintings and it takes me a whole day just to count them

Friday, December 12, 2014

Flowers painted on leather

I've painted this flower on a piece of leathere yesterday, using acrylics.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Demeter and Kore

This is my acrylics on glass painting of the Demeters, Demeter and Kore or Persephone, mother and daughter, the goddesses of the agriculture in the Greek mythology

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Beautiful like an opium dream

"She is beautiful like an opium dream", these are the words of Edgar Allan Poe that inspired me to make this acrylics on glass painting about beauty and pleasure. I love to see the pleasure on a woman's face, it makes me feel it too.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

African landscape with elephants in the sunset painted on leather

I've made this acrylics on leather painting of 3 african elephants in the sunset yesterday, in less than 1 hour.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A new fantasy painting about the woman in my universe

I've made this crylics on glass painting yesterday starting from my old drawings and paintings, the drawings and paintings I've made by the year 2001. This is the one of the paintings I am talking about, a painting of HER, my ideal love, the Galateea I create by my art, the center of my universe standing naked in the cosmic light of the galaxy while the Earth can be seen on the sky, so beuatiful that I wish it was real.
By that time my drawings and paintings were not so good by I keep them as memories. Everytime I look at them the feelings I had by that time come back to me

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Frida Kahlo and Josephine Baker

This is my drawing of Frida Kahlo and Josephine Baker, one of her female lovers

Monday, December 1, 2014

Romania's day - Drawings paintings and music about the dacians, the ancestors of the Romanian people

Today is Romania's day. Being a proud Romanian I've posted my drawings and painting about our ancestors, the dacians and their culture. The portraits of tarabostes dacians, the sphinx in Bucegi mountains, zamolxis and the dacian wolf are in this creations

To complete these creations with music I've choosen the son "The return of the dacians" by Gheorghe Iovu

Friday, November 28, 2014

The metamorphosis of light

The metamorphosis of lighe, oil on canvas painting
I've made this painting listening to Gheorghe Iovu's son "The metamorphosis of light"

Saturday, November 22, 2014

To be different or a rainbow in a black and white world

The rainy weather on these days has inpired me to paint this. This is my painting about being different, being a rainbow in an ordinary black and white world where people are all the same, grey shadows with no personality walking in the same direction. This is my metaphysical self portrait, a spot of color in a colorless world with no sunshine and no rainbow, just rain. The acrylics on canvas painting is fluorescent and the rainbow shines in UV light.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Autmnal sunset eclipse with hot tears, fluorescent painting

This is my fluorescent painting about a dark ending, an eclipsed sun going down in a sad eye with tears flowing like lava from a volcano, hot fire tears, crying a river.

Friday, November 14, 2014

My drawings and paintings of the poet Sappho and some words about the censorship of her poems

Sappho and Gongyla, acrylics on canvas painting
These are mai painting of the poet Sappho from the Isle of Lesbos. I don't know if she was really homosexual but she was a great poet, a feminist and a sensitive artist. She loved beauty in all of it's forms, the beauty of nature, flowers and young girls. Unfortunately most of her creations have been destroyed by the misogyny christians that followed her. This christians, especially the orthodox christians in the eastern europe, acted and keep acting like talibans.
Sappho's poems were not about pornography and perversions. Sappho's poems were just about feminity, beauty and pure love, but they were destroyed be cause they have been written by a woman and this would contradict the text written by Saul (known as Saint Paul), a frustrated gay man in denial who hated gay men and all women be cause he could not accept himself. This Saul wrote that women are inferior and should not be allowed to be leaders of opinion, write and teach others. 
Even the muslims were influenced by this frustrated man, islam being a branch that emerged later from the common stem of the abrahamic religions. All the abrahamic religions are characterised by misogynism and a conservative and intolerant attitude and have pulled humanity and civilisation backwards.
As I said before it's a pity a lot of creations, including Sappho's poems, have been lost because christians have destroyed them, like they did with Alexandria library. 
Abrahamic religions have always been the worst enemy of both arts and science and without them we would have been far in space, reaching distant planets, without them.
There were times when people were killed be cause the had the courage to say the Earth is just a sphere rotating around the sun. 
Scientists were killed, artworks were destroyed and wars were made in the name of a religion that claims to be the religion of love, peace and wisdom. 
How can you talk abot love while you promote hate and intolerance? How can you talk about wisdom while you burn books and kill people just be cause they dare to tell the scientific truth contradicting the bible? Hou can you talk about peace while you make war "in the name of God"?
I's sad there are so many places in this world were people still follow abrahamic doctrine instead of knowing the scientific truth.