Saturday, July 28, 2007

Galaxy and space station

This is one of my galaxy paintings

Cydonia Pyramid And Face

CydoniaPyramidAndFace, originally uploaded by ♥DE_CORinASON♥.

My painting of the D7M pyramid and face in the Cydonia region on Mars.The Cydonia monuments are the most mysterious artifacts in our solar system and I thing they are the trace of the lost martian civilisation


Galatea, originally uploaded by ♥DE_CORinASON♥.

Pencil drawing of Galatea

Afrodita giving life to Galatea

AfroditaSiGalatea, originally uploaded by ♥DE_CORinASON♥.

This is my watercolor painting of the moment Afrodita gave life to Galatea.According to the myth Galatea was a statue the sculptor Pygmalion, her creator fail in love with.Moved by his feelings Afrodita gave life to the statue