Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Holiday loneliness and depression

This painting is about the feeling I have every time I am forced to have a vacation and I have nothing else to do, that depressing emptiness and the loneliness absorbing me like a black hole. I'd rather work all the time than be alone in my own room or walk the empty streets of my city while everything is dead and I cannot find anyone to talk to, not even on the internet, cause these periods make us close our communication channels, spend less time online and isolate from each other. That's why I hate holidays such as Christmas and Easter, Sundays and the month of august.
Even if some say holidays have an antidepressant effect, I've experienced the contrary. It is not the work that makes us depressed, it's the emptiness we face while we have nothing to do.

Friday, July 10, 2015

The portrait of Sappho's muse

The poem below, written by Sappho, has inspired me to make this painting. This is how I imagine the girl Sappho has written the poem for, the girl who has to leave the island of Lesbos, wearing a violet tiara and a necklace made of rosebuds dill and crocus.
It's a sad poem about a girl who had to leave Sappho and the isle of Lesbos against her will and against her feelings. It's poem abot tears, infinite sadness and love that is to weak to survive in a hostile world. Even if she loved Sappho, this girls had to leave her be cause she was forced to. There were long periods in history when women had no right to decide about their own lifes and could not follow their feelings.

I have not had one word from her

Frankly I wish I were dead
When she left, she wept
a great deal; she said to me, "This parting must be
endured, Sappho. I go unwillingly."
I said, "Go, and be happy
but remember (you know
well) whom you leave shackled by love
"If you forget me, think
of our gifts to Aphrodite
and all the loveliness that we shared
"all the violet tiaras,
braided rosebuds, dill and
crocus twined around your young neck
"myrrh poured on your head
and on soft mats girls with
all that they most wished for beside them
"while no voices chanted
choruses without ours,
no woodlot bloomed in spring without song..

Monday, July 6, 2015

Creations for the International Kissing Day

Today is the international kissing day so I decided to post some of my drawings and paintings of kissess.

Lesbian kiss by Peter Behrens

Today is the international kissing day so I decided to post this lesbian kiss created by Peter Behrens. I am glad I am not living in Russia.