Monday, June 27, 2016

The christian brain

This painting is about what religion is doing to our brains, making us mentally blind and unable to use our brains properly

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The genes, the embryo develpment and the brain

This painting is about the prenatal development of the brain under the influence of multiple genes. The lught in the brain I've paibted is in the area where there is the INAH 3 nucleous, the structure responsable for our sexual orientation. This structure can be masculinised or not during the prenatal period under the inflence of the genes involved in the androgens metabolism and the Xq28 gene. Without masculinisation this structure will remain in the default female stage and the individual will feel attracted to males.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Soulmates in the colors of the rainbow, fluorescent drawing

The Tanacu case - Irina Cornici was killed be cause she was a lesbian

Irina Cornici kissing another girl from the monastery and father Daniel Corogeanu, furious, wanting to kill them , pencil drawing 
By the year 2005 Irina Cornici was killed at the Tanacu monastery where she came for Paraschiva Anghel, the woman she was in love with, and even today we don't know the real reason why they've done this to her. They claimed Irina was mentally ill, schizophrenic and so on. They even made the movie Beyond the hills which may suggest Irina was in love with a girl who was a nun at the Tanacu monastery, but this was not explicite, leaving place for interpretation.

Irina Cornici was killed be cause she was a lesbian and a transgendered woman. It was one of the many unknown hate crimes commited by the orthodox church, the main promoter of the homophobia in the Eastern Europe, the ones who encourage people to stone gays to death and rape the lesbians to "cure" them. This has happened long before the God damn orthodox church has got so much power in the Eastern Europe that it has influenced Russia and other countries to make laws against "gay propaganda", laws that kill any LGBT rights movement. They don't even know people are born gay, due to genetic factors such as Xq28 gene mutations, long androgen receptor gene alleles and other feminizing alleles, useful for the fertility of their female relatives in men and masculinizing alleles, in women and they thing being gay or lesbian is a sinful choice that must be punished before it influences childrem to make them gay or lesbian too and the society will dissapear be cause all the people will go gay an nobody will have kids. They often practice gay conversion therapy masked behind exorcism, like they did at Tanacu. There are many Tanacu like cases we don't even know about. There are many LGBT young people who commit suicide be cause all they people around them, influenced by the church, tell them that they are sinners and they must change be cause "sodomy is a sin" and their relatives try to "cure" them, to make them "normal".

Irina has never had a boyfriend, loved to play football and used to cut her hair short and wear male clothes. She worked as a baby sitter in Germany and the doctors there didn't consider her mentally ill, while the homophobic doctors here did. They abusively diagnosed her with schizophrenia while she was suffering a trauma cause by the highly intolerant attitude of the people around her. Here in Romania gays and lesbians are discriminated like hell, loosing their jobs, being treated worse than those who are really schizophrenic. being beaten, threaten, harnessed etc. 
The video below describes the best the situation of the LGBT people in the Eastern Europe where the church of "love" promotes HATE.

The Romanian press has hidden the truth, the same way the hide it today when they talk about the Orlando mass shooting without mentioning people there were gay and that was a hate crime and even our president has "forgotten" those people were killed be cause they were gay.

The multidimensional flower

The multidimensional flower, pencil drawing

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Just a tulip

What do you see in this painting? Is it just a tulip 🌷?
I've made this being inspired by the symmetrical flowers 💐 little kids use to paint.

Monday, June 13, 2016

My drawing of an embryo and a sphere

I've made this trawing today without even watching my hand and the paper

The woman in my dreams

I've never meet her but in my dreams she is always with me, loving me. This is my latest drawing of her, the woman who is always following me in my dreams, I wonder who she might be

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A rainbow painted by a school kid

This rainbow has been painted by a kid at a school in Bucharest. Kids love to paint rainbow. They like colorfull things. The lalso like flowers, trees, the sun and everything that is life, light, colour and joy

Spring trees painted by school kids

These spring trees have been painted by the kids who study at the school 309 in Bucharest

Friday, June 3, 2016

The memory of her

The memory of her, painting and poem


She was holding me so tight
Loving me all night
She has touched me deep within
Where no man has ever been

I miss her even today
Even if there in no way
To bring her back to me
And we were not meant to be

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Traffic, oil on canvas painting
Today is international sex workers' day so I decided to entitle this painting "Traffic". The painting is about young girls being trafficked, raped and forced into prostitution after they've been lied about well paid jobs and they've fell  into the trap. Most of them come from poor families in the villages in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and other countries in the Eastern Europe where there are no jobs and no opportunities, have no access to education and information, are very young and can be easily tricked be cause they don't even know what is behind the beautiful stories about good jobs abroad and happy lives out of poverty. They thing they will work as model, waitress, baby sitter, dancer, massage therapist or anything else except the cruel reality of prostitution and when they get there they realiase they've become sex slaves. They are raped, beaten, not allowed to leave and even killed if they refuse to practice prostitution. They are blamed by society be cause most people don't know they are FORCED to do this, in the first stage by the poverty, them by the pimps who, pretending they will take them out of the nightmare of poverty, offering them a better life, take advantage of the situation and turn them into sex slaves. Some of them raise their kids alone, some have no family, being orphaned from the start and all of them have one thing in common: the extreme poverty and the lack of perspectives.