Monday, December 26, 2016

The legend of aurora borealis

According to a scandinavian legend aurora borealis emerged from the tail of a polar fox.This is my drawing of this legend

Sunday, December 25, 2016

The winter soltice, the Christmas, the Yule, the celebration of the rebirth of the sun and life

During the winter solstice christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but before the Christian invasion of the world ancient people celebrated the birth of the sun and the beginning of a new cycle of life. They set wood on fire believing the holly fire will erase all hat was bad in the year that is over  and will bring back to life the god of the sun, to start a new life cycle of nature.
Jesus was not born in this period and christians have stolen the ancient tradition and legends, replacing the sun with Jesus.
This is my drawing of the essence of this ancient winter solstice holiday, the idea of (re)birth of life from the fire, the beginning, the begnning of a new cycle of the sun and life and the north star, represented in the popular culture as an 8 point star, an ancient shepherd symbol

Monday, December 19, 2016

Mnasidica missing Atthis and Sappho

This is my painting of Mnasidica, one of the followers of Sappho.
I've made this painting being inspired by the poem Sappho has written about her being far away in Lydia(a place that belongs to Turkey today), still missing Atthis who was like a goddess to her and the life they shared in Sappho's thaissos,she can almost see the shadow of Atthis singing and dancing in her mind, she can almost hear the echo of her lyre and divine voce from the past.
Like many other young girls Mnasidica had to leave Sappho's feminity school  to get married and she got married to a rich man who had an important role in that society but even is she was shining like a diva among the lydian women, she was not happy and watching the sea with her sad eyes all she wanted was her desperate scream to be heard but Sappho And Atthis to were far, over the sea.
You can read Sappho's poem below

Atthis, our loved Mnasidica dweels at far-
off Sardis, but she often sends her thoughts
hither, thinking how once we used to love
in the days when she thought thee like a
glorious goddess, and loved thy song the
best. And now she shines among the dames
of Lydia as after sunset the rosy-fingered
moon beside the stars that are about her,
when she spreads her light o'er briny sea
and eke o'er flowery field, while the good
dew lies on the ground and the roses revive
and the dainty anthrysc and the honey-lotus
with all its blooms. And oftentime when
our beloved, wandering abroad, calls to mind
her gentle Atthis, the heart devours her
tender breast with the pain of longing; and
she cries aloud to us to come thither; and
what she says we know full well, thou and I,
for Night, the many-eared, calls it to us
across the dividing sea.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

To Atthis, a poem written by Sappho and two ball point pen drawings

These drawings are about the sad story of a girl who had to leave Sappho's thaissos to marry a man who was living somewhere in Sardis. Even if she was shining among the Lydian women she was not happy. She was missing Atthis and the life they shared at Sappho's Thaissos.

To Atthis
Though in Sardis now,
she things of us constantly
and of the life we shared.
She saw you as a goddess
and above all your dancing gave her deep joy.
Now she shines among Lydian women like
the rose-fingered moon
rising after sundown, erasing all
stars around her, and pouring light equally
across the salt sea
and over densely flowered fields
lucent under dew. Her light spreads
on roses and tender thyme
and the blooming honey-lotus.
Often while she wanders she remem-
bers you, gentle Atthis,
and desire eats away at her heart
for us to come.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The portrait of the poet Sappho

The portrait of the poet Sappho with her violet tiara, acrylic on canvas painting

Friday, December 9, 2016


My ball point pen drawing of the cosmic matter passing through a wormhole, changing it's color to red at the entrance and to blue at the exit due to the Doppler effect

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The chemistry laboratory

The chemistry laboratory, a painting I've made by the year 2000, when I was 14

Friday, December 2, 2016

A face hidden in the sun

Most people, especially kids tend tu humanize the sun painting it with eyes and mouth 👄.
Today I've painted a face hidden in the sun too.