Friday, January 8, 2010

The lake

I've made these watercolor painting inspired by the poem "Lacul"(The Lake) by Mihai Eminescu. These is one of the many beautiful but sad poems the poet wrote in the memory of his first love, a young girl from his village who has died when she was only 19. The poet could never forget her be cause she was like an angel, a beautiful girl with golden hair and a wonderfull soul who could stay next to the one she loved for a lifetime.
These is a translation of the poem

Water lilies load all over
The blue lake amid the woods,
That imparts, while in white circles
Startling, to a boat its moods.

And along the strands I'm passing
Listening, waiting, in unrest,
That she from the reeds may issue
And fall, gently, on my breast;

That we may jump in the little
Boat, while water's voices whelm
All our feelings; that enchanted
I may drop my oars and helm;

That all charmed we may be floating
While moon's kindly light surrounds
Us, winds cause the reeds to rustle
And the waving water sounds.

But she does not come; abandoned,
Vainly I endure and sigh
Prostate, as the water lilies
On the blue lake ever lie.
English version by Dimitrie Cuclin

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