Sunday, February 14, 2010

The drawings I’ve made motivated by the need to be loved

Love, but especially the need to love and be loved is the muse that inspired many artists and inspiration for the great artworks. These are the drawings I’ve made since the year 2000 in my lonely moments when I’ve felt the need to love and be loved and the only thing I could do was to draw and paint all the things I can only dream of. She is just a creation of my mind but I’m so in love with her, the way Pygmalion loved Galatea and the only thing I need is Aphrodite to come into my life and turn my dream into reality.


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Florea Mihai Ionut said...

desenele cu tema astronomica iti ies extraordinar de bine:) am dat comm aici pt k nu a mers pe celalat blog.

ma refer la nebuloasa orion si inca o planeta.