Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Eve of my mind - A nude woman in the green light of nature - then and now

 This is a painting I've made by the year 2002 dreaming of something very beautiful : me with a young girl in the middle of nature  in a green forest next to a lake with yellow waterlilies, everything green and fresh. She has a flower in her hair and her naked body reminds me of Eve. She is standing there watching the stars and the green leafs. By that time my anatomic sense was not very good and I failed to make the  woman look alive but I still have that painting be cause it remind me of the feeling I had when I painted it

And this is the same dream image but painted on Octomber 4 this year. As you can see the woman looks more realistic. She seems to be alive and everytime I am looking at this painting I wish I could be there in the middle of the green nature with her an hold her in my arms.

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nicu said...

yes, you got so much better with the anatomy :) i like the new version