Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 8 and the gender equality in Romania

Two women in love, coffee painting
Can two women who are in love stay together? What kind of future does their love in a men's world? They are so fragile standing together in the wind, having nothing but their love. The ground is not sustaining them, the cold wind almost makes them fall and the whole nature seems to be against their love.This is what this painting is about and this is what I've been thinking about today, march 8, international women's day, the day we should celebrate gender equality but here in Romania march 8 has been denatured becoming mother's day or the day of the male striptease . The TV, the press and almost everything around me had made me sick and tired of mother's day, mother's day and again mothers, but nothing about equal rights at work and discrimination of women and even if there are "successful women" on TV these women are not really independent and strong and they are not rich and famous cause they worked hard, men in their life got them there. I've never seen in here in Romania a successful business woman, a strong and independent career woman who has never had a boyfriend. Here independent career woman are fake independent career women who have influential men behind them. Here women tend to be considered nothing more than wombs that have to carry and give birth to babies and a woman is not a woman if she doesn't give birth. Nobody says women are discriminated but I have many female friends who have no job and no income and I've never meet a woman who works as an engineer or in IT or has a successful business. Women are still discriminated in this work fields. They are either rejected from the start, either sexually harnessed until they quit the job. Today I was sad thinking about the real emancipation here in Romania and about what my relatives have told me. They keep telling me that a woman cannot make it on her own and will do nothing in her life without a strong man by her side.

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