Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sappho's rose

One of Sappho's poems has inspired me to make this drawing of a beautiful woman with a rose that makes her look more feminine a and beautiful. Looking at this drawing I can almost feel the perfume of the rose, her perfume and I wish I could touch and kiss her red rose lips and hersmooth white skin.
This is the poem.

If it pleased the whim of Zeus in an idle
Hour to choose a king for the flowers, he surely
Would have crowned the rose for its regal beauty,
                        Deeming it peerless;

By its grace is valley and hill embellished,
Earth is made a shrine for the lover's ardor;
Dear it is to flowers as the charm of lovely
                        Eyes are to mortals;

Joy and pride of plants, and the garden's glory,
Beauty's blush it brings to the cheek of meadows;
Draining fire and dew from the dawn for rarest
                        Color and odor;

Softly breathed, its scent is a plea for passion,
When it blooms to welcome the kiss of Kypris;
Sheathed in fragrant leaves its tremulous petals
                        Laugh in the zephyr.

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