Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The story of two girls in love

 They are together and the only thing they have is their love. They are so lonely in a hostile world, embracing while the wind is blowing, the ground is shaking and falling and the entire nature seems to be against them.They are so fragile and sensitive. Can their love survive while it has no basis, like a building that has no foundation, and both are to weak to fight for it ? Will they stay together or fall together ? This is my painting of two girls in love, it's the sad story of a love that has no future. I've made this because I've meet many girls with no job, no money and no power and I've been in that situation for a long time too. Even if it may sound materialistic the truth is that two such girls cannot be together be cause the cannot sustain each other, even if they want to. Before the painting above I've made another painting about this and everytime I look at this paintings I feel like crying

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