Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The story of two girls in love

 They are together and the only thing they have is their love. They are so lonely in a hostile world, embracing while the wind is blowing, the ground is shaking and falling and the entire nature seems to be against them.They are so fragile and sensitive. Can their love survive while it has no basis, like a building that has no foundation, and both are to weak to fight for it ? Will they stay together or fall together ? This is my painting of two girls in love, it's the sad story of a love that has no future. I've made this because I've meet many girls with no job, no money and no power and I've been in that situation for a long time too. Even if it may sound materialistic the truth is that two such girls cannot be together be cause the cannot sustain each other, even if they want to. Before the painting above I've made another painting about this and everytime I look at this paintings I feel like crying

The endless column and the pyramids energy

This is my acrylics on canvas painting of the sculpture Endless column made by Constantin Brancusi and the pyramid energy as a green light. It's green be cause deep in our mind we see it green, maybe because it's a type o gravitational wave that has the same wavelight as the green light and it can be converted into green light in some conditions. The endless column is not just an artwork, it's an antenna for the pyramid waves and Brancusi knew that. He knew about the pyramid effect and he used his knowledge in his art making a structure made of square base pyramids that creates parallel rays of pyramid radiations, similar to laser rays that can reach cosmic distances. Alien civilisations use endless column like structures to communicate, using this unknwn wave type like we use radio.

A still life with Papaver somniferum and Cannbis indica

I'ave made this painting on saturday. It looks like and ordinary still life painting but if you look at the species I've painted you will find this painting unique

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mademoselle Pogany

Noticing the sculpture Mademoiselle Pogany by Constantin Brancusi is resembling an alien I've made this painting and the drawing below.
I don't know whether Brancusi has seen an alien that inspired him or the Hollywood aliens were made after his statue but Brancusi's statue and the most common and popular type of alien are to similar to be just a coincidence.

Alien trio, phosphorescent painting

I've made this phosphorescent acrylics on canvas painting of 3 aliens on sunday

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A girl with a butterfly

Opium dream

"She is beautiful like an opium dream", these were the words of Edgar Allan Poe that inspired me to make the painting above

3 paintings I've made yesterday

A new painting of Aphrodite and Galatea

This is my newest painting of the goddess Aphrodite giving life to the statue Galateea, Pygmalion's greation and love. This myth from the greek mythology represents me be cause, like Pygmalion did, I have my own Galateea and I paint it over and over again the only thing that is missing is Aphrodite to bring her into my life

Monday, July 7, 2014

Neutron stars colliding

 These are my two paintings of two neutron stars colliding, The first one was made on saturday at the the Expo Bazar Art art fair using fluorescent acrylics on canvas while the second was made by the year 2011 using tempera colors on paper

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The 3rd eye

I've made this painting 2 days ago. This is about eyes and senses, the 3rd eye, the eye of the mind than can what we cand see with our 2 eyes. This might also be a humanoid reptilian alien with a pineal eye

Friday, July 4, 2014

Is this burning an eternal flame?

Eternal flame of love, fluorescent painting
This fluorescent painting I've made a few days ago is about the flame of love. Can it be eternal? I don't know but we hope it can last forever. The song below has inspired me.
A similar painting has been sold on sunday at the Expo Bazar Art fair