Monday, May 18, 2015

Embracing my love

I am in her arms and she is holding me so tight not wanting to let me go and I love to feel her next to me. She is taller than me and looking in her eyes I see the desire and I feel a rush and the strong emotion makes me tremble. It's the flame of love and passion that makes my heart beat faster. She is so strong and she knows what she wants. She wants me and she wold do anything to have me, never giving up. Soon I will feel her love. Soon I will play in her hair while she will be on top of me, kissing me, loving me, whispering "you are mine" and then kissing my ear.
Unfortunately it's just a pencil drawing I've made a few days ago and the imaginary story behind it. The story of this drawing is just a mixture of fantasies and memories

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