Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Making of a rainbow eyes fluorescent drawing

See the rainbow in your eyes 
Happiness is in your smile 
You’re my angel, 
Your my angel in the night 

See the sunrise everywhere 
Hear the rain when you’re not there 
And I need your sweet embrace 
Everyday in every place 

Baby, I’ll never ever want you to leave (leave uhhh) 
I’m crazy, without you 
I’m not able to breath 
Touch me, I pray this love isn’t a dream (oh yeah ooh) 
Hold me, cause real life is not what it seems What it seems oohhh

These lyrics have inspireed me to mahe a painting and some drawings. Yesterday I've made a new one, a fluorescent drawing the rainbow eyes described in the song's lyrics. 

These are my older creations that had this song as a source of inspiration

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