Thursday, May 26, 2016

The life of a lesbian in Romania

Sometimes I feel so lonely and sad and all I need is love, the love I am not allowed to have here in Romania, here in this God damn country where the retrograd orthodox church is governing our lives next to the corupt politicians who should all be in prison not in the parlament and now they want to make a homophobic constitution and two women cannot be together be cause here women are not really independent. Here a woman's succes depends on the men she has relationships with, not on her work. I have a lot of female friends who don't even have a job and all the successful women I know have men behind them, business men or men with important jobs. I've never meet a business woman or a woman with a well paid who is a lesbian or a single woman.
Do you know why? Be cause they have no chance in this fucking society, be cause they are discriminated all the time, be cause there are a lot of companies where the boss fires women who don't want to sleep with him. I know from my own experience. I've never liked boys and I've never had a boyfriend and I work hard just to keep myself on the lowest survival line and pay my bills and for other women like me it's even harder. I've had a girlfriend who was in a desperate situation. She has lost her job and her family was not accepting her and she had nothing, and that's what happens to most of us. We loose our jobs or we can never find a job and our homophobic relatives don't accept as as we are and that's why we can never have relationships. We have no place that is ours, nothing and to be together we must pay the price of loosing everything and remaining on the streets with no job, no money, no house, nothing. We work hard and we can never have our own house from our own work, we cannot even rent a flat to live together. We loose our jobs or we can never find a job and our homophobic relatives don't accept as as we are and that's why we can never have relationships There is an economical discrimination of women here in Romania, not only lesbians, all the women who don't have influent boyfriends or husbands.
A painting about two girls who try to stay together in a hostile world, on a n unstable ground, so fragile, so vulnerable
I've made all of these drawings and paintings in my lonely and sad moments when I could only dream about the love I cannot have. I can only paint imagining I am next to the woman I love, that's all I can do, living alone in this intolerant society.


With Love said...

Hi Cori!

First of all I would like to say that I'm a fan of your works, I've found out about them recently but they've won really fast a place into my heart.

Secondly I have some small corrections for your English text, I hope you don't mind:
- corupt -> corrupt
- parlament -> parliament
- be cause -> because
- succes -> success
- we loose -> we lose

A tip would be to use some autocorrection when you write, it catches a lot of small errors. :)

And now regarding the subject of this article don't forget that you are free to move anytime (alone or with someone you love) and find happiness in some other place, this society is sick... I know because I've left a couple of months ago, not because of my sexual orientation - which is bisexual (or pansexual?) but I'm closeted anyway, but because of other mentalities that I don't see changing for better in the next one or two generations.

Trust me, there are places more accepting, more open and even more beautiful than this country. You don't deserve to suffer for love, the majority of the people here are so hateful and bigots they make me sick. I'm 32 and I couldn't wait anymore for a change or to be another generation of sacrifice. For who? For this grobian people and their children?

I'm sad to talk like this about Romania, maybe my feelings will change in the future. But for NOW it was the best move I've done. You can taste freedom and it's so sweet.

Take care girl and love and make art and don't lose yourself in this madness please! I love you and I'm telling you that you're not alone and the future is yours, make the best of it wherever you can! Take care!

Unknown said...

Hi you are from romanian?