Friday, July 15, 2016

Love, passion and deep emotions

In the warm candle light she is loved by the one she has always been waiting for, covered with kisses, feeling the weight and the warmth of her lover's body on top of her, pressing against her body. She is so young, smooth and delicate, opening like a flower for her love. Her body is shaking and trembling under her lover's sweet domination. Their bodies fusion getting closer and closer to each other, skin on skin, soul on soul. The emotion is so deep, growing deeper and deeper as they are getting closer and closer, eliminating any distance between them, breaking the bareers until they become one, reaching the point of maximum closeness and intimacy.
I've made this starting from a pencil drawing, using Photoshop to turn the black and white drawing into a color image, life I did with the drawings in the video below

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