Monday, November 14, 2016

A sad story about a suicidal bride

These are my drawings and paintings of a bride who has committed suicide long time ago be cause she was forced to marry a man she didn't love. She ran away from the wedding and then she has thrown herself of the rocks in a place in the Apuseni Mountain in Romania where there is a waterfall that got it's  name after this tragedy. 
She wanted to die be cause she could not accept a life next to that man. How could she spend the rest of her life next to him. Marriage and family was like a prison to her and she had no place to escape. If she ran away where she could go? There was no place for her in this world. 
Death was her only choice.
Unfortunately she was not  the only one. In Romania's history there are many young women who were forced into marriage and had no other choice than suicide.I'ts terrible to have no choice and death was the only thing this girls could choose. 
At Slanic Prahova there was another bride who has committed suicide.
If I lived in those times I would have done the same thing and I am happy I (still) live in a free world and I can work. 
I can't imagine my life next to a man.
Women in the past had terrible lives and I cry when I thing about their sad stories.
Even today women face discrimination and there a many women who get married for money houses and other things they are not allowed to get by their work and end up in miserable lives.
Here in Romania I've never seen a successful business woman or a woman with an important function who has never had a husband/boyfriend and I wonder why. There are women who pretend to be successful career women but they all have boyfriends or husbands with greater business or key jobs behind while all the single women I know have no job or in the happiest case they work hard 24/7 just to pay their bills and keep themselves at the lowest survival line, not to get rich.  It is not be cause women are inferior by their nature as many guys say, it's be cause they face discrimination all the time and society doesn't allow them to be really independent. When women reach key jobs or have a business that apparently works it's be cause they are in a relationship with an rich influent man not be cause their work or intelligence is appreciated,  A woman's profesional succes here in Romania depends on the men she has relationships with and that's why you will never see a single woman or a lesbian with an important well paid job or a successful business.  
I hope history will not repeat and I hope things will change and women will get more power and independence.
Even today there are places where women have no right to decide for their own lives and that makes me sad.

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