Monday, February 13, 2017

Why am I single on Valentines day

Tomorrow it's Valentines day and watching this painting I wish I was one of the women in the painting. There are so many moments when I feel so lonely and all I can do is to paint 🎨 about the feelings I need to express the feelings that burn me deep inside like a silent fire. I've made more than 4000 drawings and paintings of the love I am not allowed to have.
Maybe you wander why am I so lonely
It's be cause I live in an intolerant society
It's be cause the bigotry all around me doesn't allow me to live a real life.
It's be cause they don't allow me to be myself, love myself, making me feel guilty for what I am and for my feelings all the time.

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Stephanie Nichols said...

I wish so strongly for you to find the freedom to be yourself, to embrace your desires and your passions, to define your own way of life. The power of your creativity is the power to change the world. Whatever else, if you live imprisoned by the expectations of your society, make sure that you allow yourself to dream freely. Don't be your own jail-keeper. Don't let disillusion or hopelessness ever subdue your dreams.

When you have a fire that world cannot see, at least you should make sure it's burning within.