Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A painting and a strange phoenomenon

I've made this painting yesterday and while I was painting it my mind was travelling to Greece. Iwas thinking about Athens. I was thinking about the Monastiraki square, the streets of Athens and the Mediteranean Sea.  Then I was thinking about Egypt and I've seen a short thin Egyptian woman in the human silhouette I was painting.

I wanted to paint a flame that resembles the shape of the human body but I ended up painting a woman with oriental facial features. with a clear face. I wanted to make her look happy but her face was sad. I tried  to paint again over what I painted but sadness and tears remained there every time I tried to change the look of her face. I tried to paint her long dark hair but I just could not paint it.
Then I used the paintbrush to paint without looking at the canvas and instead of painting the hair I covered her head with a veil made of silk, so smooth, so soft. Finally the sadness on her face has disappeared, being replaced by a meditative state of mind.
The I felt something is missing, the holly moon above, so I painted the moon too.

You can watch me painting in the video below.

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