Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mirror of love

Mirror of love, pencil drawing
She is looking at the woman in front of her, admiring her, being fascinated by her beauty, her tall slim stature, her soft white skin, her long dark hair, her white dress 👗 her jewelry, everything about her.
Does she want to be her or her lover? Does she want this beautiful girl or her dress and jewelry?
They look so similar, like twins and while they stay face to face they seem to be one    and the same person in front of a mirror.
Many women and girls admire other women and tend to draw and paint 🎨 young beautiful girls, not handsome men.
I've made this pencil ✏ drawing starting from an older version, a drawing I've made by the year 2004 wanting to have someone like me next to me. I had some dreams about the girl with dark hair in the drawing by that time even if I've never meet her.
The drawing I've made by the year 2004

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