Friday, January 13, 2017

Sappho's feeling of separation and lack of love

I've painted this on Tuesday, thinking about Sappho and her world of poetry, music, art beauty and the divine feminine under the cult of Aphrodite.
After finishing the painting I've discovered there is a coldness between the two women, like in many of my creations. They seem to be separated, turning their backs on each other, ignoring each other, not communication, standing still next to to the column that further separates them. While Sappho is still turning her shy look to the her, the other girl seems to be so indiferent, looking in the opposite direction.
This painting could be a good illustration for the poem Hymn to Aphrodite, a poem Sappho has written while she was in love with a girl who was not interested in her.

As I sad before I've made may drawings and paintings of two women turning their backs to each other since I was in high-school. I've made these creations feeling rejected by the girls I liked, like Sappho did more than 2000 years ago when she wrote the Hymn to Aphrodite.

Two drawings I've made when I was 15
I've cried many times feeling rejected when I needed to be loved, since I was a high school kid, and all the girls I liked were so cold, turning their backs on me, putting walls of indifference around them.

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