Sunday, April 2, 2017

Not allowed to hold her hand

I wish I could hold her hand but I am not allowed to.

 I wish I could be with her but I am not allowed to. I have to live alone in this hateful society and that s why Ițve been troubled since highschool.
 These days senators Ioana Denes and Codin Stefanescu have said that same sex couples should not be allowed to hold hands in public spaces in Romania. These words have hurt me deep inside. I am so affraid they want to make russian style anti-gay laws.
Here in Romania people are very homophobic and it s almost impossible for a woman to be in a relationship with another woman. My longest relationship lasted for only 6 weeks. Even my parents hate me because I am a lesbian and, after my right to inherit the house has been denied by my relatives, now I have to leave the parental house and live on my own, just like someone who had nothing, no parents, no house, nothing. Soon they will just throw me out of the house.
I wish I could live a normal life in a free modern inclusive society. I dont wanna cry and suffer alone all the time. I dont wanna be troubled anymore.
I ve made these drawings and paintings dreaming of the love I am not allowed to have, while I wanted to be with a woman I love, to feel her loving presence nexto to me, to hold her hand, to travel with her, to enjoy every moment with her.

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